In 2021, podcasts became a huge part of my life and have had such a positive impact on my mental health in ways I never knew was possible. People would say to me for years, 'you need to listen to a podcast before bed', or 'get out for a walk and put a podcast on', but all the podcasts that we're being suggested just weren't vibing with me or what I felt I needed.

I think one of the first podcasts I listened to was Deepak Chopra. I loved it. So I started to explore, It was at the time where I was trying to absorb as much information I could about business, and interior design, and I was confident there would be something worth my while on Spotify that I could get stuck into on my afternoon walks during lockdown.

Oh boy was there. I instantly found my place in Spotify and it was amongst business and female empowerment podcasts. Before I knew it, I had playlists upon playlists of podcasts that I wanted to listen to. I had so many saved and it became a part of my daily life that kept me going through lockdown, keeping me motivated and inspired.

So, I wanted to kick off a little series, where each month I share with you a few podcasts I recommend for those of you who are in the same boat as me - needing all the business , mindset, and female empowerment support we can get! As I write this, i've fallen off the bandwagon recently, with the house move and transition back into PT office hours and WFH, and both mine and Georges 30th birthdays I've had very little me time.

I use Spotify, but you can also find these recommendations on Apple.

BEFORE you go, YOU should know

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