Our designs are relaxed in style, taking inspiration from the beautiful countrysides of England and are all about creating individual, thoughtful, and functional interiors which reflect your personality, and come together to tell your unique story.

Homes are made to be lived in, to make memories, and to feel relaxed in as your day unwinds, and your life unfolds. Our goal is to create designs which bring you happiness and comfort wherever you cast your glance. It's the intricate moments which make a home truly timeless and set for laid-back living.

Allie Stephens Interiors is a boutique interior design studio based on the Essex-Suffolk border, serving our neighbouring counties and beyond with virtual e-design services, and bespoke-design.

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Without wanting to sound like a total cliche, I was quite innocently captivated by interior and landscape design when I was just a little girl. I'm sure I was the only 10 year old who voluntarily spent their evenings watching Ground Force and Changing Rooms, and whose idol was a middle aged man in gardening gloves! 

School reports always showed my ability to procrastinate with a wild imagination - nothing changes! I'd spend any free-time I had sketching floor plans and landscape designs for our family home. I'd take it extremely seriously, and blu-tak the drawings to my parents door eagerly awaiting their approval and sign off. I get nostalgic when I envisage my mums face as she'd regularly return from work to find I'd moved all the furniture in the house to fit my designs.

My love for interior design has only grown and flourished as I've gotten older, and after completely renovating my home from the ground up and (truthfully) really enjoying the process. Having spent a few years playing with designs, I realised it was time I took the leap into finally having my own interior design studio and bring interior design into other peoples lives.

With that, Covid-19 was in full swing and I was determined to not to put my dream on hold. I wasted no time and registered to begin my professional training online at the start of the new year. My wonderful mentor and tutor helped me hone my skill and learn how to run a professional business to which, I will be eternally grateful.

"I'm sure I was the only girl, aged ten, who voluntarily spent their evenings watching Ground Force and Changing Rooms, and whose idol was a middle aged man in gardening gloves!"

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At the very heart of our design process is you. Key to our values are communication and transparency, ensuring you enjoy the design process whilst we handle the details. Our designs are made to be enjoyed for years to come, so getting to know both you and your vision, whilst carefully designing the details is integral to our process in creating a home which will stand the test of time.


We would love the opportunity to discuss your interior design project with you, whether that's virtual e-design or something more. You can also begin your virtual e-design by filling in our questionnaire.



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