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Autumn/Winter must haves for countryside living (or weekend-ing!)

I don't know about you but my wardrobe is in desperate need of a shake up. I currently live in Adanola leggings, my favourite vintage t-shirt I picked up in Brighton over the summer, and my oversized jumper I lovingly bought in LA a few years back.

I love that the changing seasons give us an excuse to change things up though, and it's been a little while since I've done that. During Covid I sent almost my entire wardrobe to the charity shop, so it's definitely about time I sorted out an Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe.

Give me a house to style and I can do it with ease, but when it comes to styling my wardrobe I'm running on minimal skill there. I definitely have a style, but I'm not very good at putting things together. Let me know if you feel me, or who your favourites are to follow for inspiration.

Nonetheless, having a some essentials in your wardrobe for countryside living is a no-brainer. Be it a pub lunch by the roaring fire, or a long, fresh afternoon walk with your pooch, I've pulled together some of the pieces I've found this week that I'd like to update in my wardrobe.

Tap the pictures for product links. P.s, I've used some affiliate links on the pieces that I can. Hope you don't mind! (In case you don't know, It costs nothing extra for you if you purchase through my link, it just earns me a small amount that I can put back into my business).

Enjoy, Allie.

You can pin me to your style board and save me for later!

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