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Officially launching 'The Journal', but what exactly is it?

With the launch of The Journal, I thought it made sense to share with you what exactly it is, how it came to be, and where I see it going in the future. I'm sharing a bit of a timeline which started back in 2020 when the seed was planted for ASI, and what The Journal means to me.


As you know already, before ASI became a fully fledged registered business, it was something that I had dreamt about for as long as I can remember. During the unexpected year of 2020, like most people I started to really evaluate my life and my future. I decided that whilst the world was on hold, that certainly didn't mean that my life had to be too. I used the downtime from socialising, and spending time with family and friends to start making solid plans, and doing my research as to how I can make ASI become a reality.

It was during this time that I knew wherever this would take me, I wanted it to be more than just a business which provided interior design services. I wanted to it to be a community, a lifestyle, and to somehow pull together all the things I'm passionate about so that I can make sure my daily life is surrounded by the things that make me the best version of myself. Betting on myself during the two years the world was on hold was exactly what I needed to keep focussed and stay positive. It really was the best decision I made.

I've always been a creative person, and over the years I've been able to really explore where my creativity and enjoyment in life is found. These are things like interior design, beautiful gardens, digital graphic design, digital marketing, and copy writing. Not forgetting photography, art, being outside, walking around the countryside and bar hopping in cities. If you watch my stories, I like to share a lot of my day to day life and countryside walks on there.

So, what is The Journal?

I mentioned before I love writing, I love digital marketing, and I love helping others (16 personalities have me nailed as an 'advocate' and I think they we're pretty spot on). With all of the above in mind, when building my website I knew I needed something more than an interior design blog. I wanted a home and community for people to come to, whether you're someone who is working on your own project, an interior designer or are aspiring to be one, whether you're looking for some advice and insights from trades, or if you wanted to shop interior products for your home. I also wanted The Journal to be a place where I can share all the things i'm passionate about too, from behind the scenes, #asihome renovation videos, trade interviews, beautiful boutique hotel recommendations, and much more. After some deliberating, and thinking, The Journal was built!

Let's dive in a little deeper

Tips, advice, shopping, and behind the scenes

I hope to give you the juiciest of interior design tips, a hub where you can come to find out what you need to know about the renovation/remodel process; from interviews with trades, processes and checklists, and how to's from getting quotes and designing your dream space. I'm also going to share with you behind the scenes on projects, and the #asihomerenovation.


I spend a lot of time online looking for the perfect pieces for my designs. Not everything makes the cut, because ultimately, it has to fit the scheme. Rather than keep the beautiful pieces that don't make the cut to myself, I'm going to share them with you on The Shop. Make sure you follow my instagram because I'll share any new products i'm adding to my stories, and any discount codes I have for you there. Having the Shop is also really useful as a business owner, because where possible, I can use affiliate links which means I can invest a small amount back into my business when you shop through my website.

Lifestyle articles

I love to travel both in the UK and abroad, so you might also find recommendations to my favourite London restaurants, gorgeous countryside walks and unique stays around the UK and wherever else my wanderlust takes me.

Business, entrepreneurship, and mindset

I hope that I can create a community of aspiring business owners, where we can share our knowledge, support one another in our journeys, be transparent with our advice and, share the honest truths about running a new business. I have a background in social media, digital marketing, and copy writing so I'd like to help other entrepreneurs with resources that take the edge off of the social media side of being a business owner!

Whilst I could sit here and ramble on, I know thats no good for keeping you engaged, and let's be honest, it's 2022 and we all need to remember to keep SEO as our best friend so i'm going to sign off here. I hope that you enjoy everything that's to come on the Journal, and don't forget to sign up to my newsletter! Come along and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest, and let's have a chat.


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