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Shop this living room - edition one

If you're considering re-vamping your living room but not sure where to start, I've got you covered. I've pulled together a 2D concept board with some ideas for you which emulates a cosy, textured, transitional design (transitional generally means bringing together traditional and modern designs). Whether it's exactly what you're looking for, or it gives you some ideas to work with, 2D concept boards are an amazing tool to help you start visualising the type of design you want to achieve.

When I work with clients on re-designing their homes, the concept design phase is one of the first stages we start with, as it helps to figure out the things you like, and don't like. The revisions give us the opportunity to refine the concept even more. If you're interested in working together on an e-design for your home, i'd love to hear from you. Get in touch and let me know all about your project.

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To shop this post, click on the icons on the image below. I've also listed the retail stores and links to other products which aren't tagged in the photo.

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