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Podcasts changed my life, so i'm introducing a new Journal series.

Let's roll back to 2021, it's the second year of COVID and we're all so over it. My mental health was over it. I considered myself to be in a really lucky position with job security and a place of my own to retreat in, but like all others around the world the consistent negativity, worry, uncertainty naturally still fed into my consciousness.

I needed some variation. I'd started taking myself out for more regular walks where it was almost certain i'd not bump into anyone, and if I did there was plenty of field space to avoid them, I rinsed Spotify of it's playlists, but even music became a bit tedious. It still wasn't enough. I didn't have time to read because I spent all day and all evening on my laptop busting away with my 9-5 then working on building ASI and I didn't want to strain my eyes any further, even though being whisked away into an imaginary alternative dimension would have been pretty nice.

Then, I remembered that I had a wealth of podcasts at my fingertips. I'd never really listened to them, and I wasn't a huge fan of listening to talk shows on the radio so I never thought it would be something i'd be interested in. But, I needed to try something new so I headed out on my walk, typed in 'mental health' and was given a load of recommendations. I knew of Deepak Chopra, so that's what I put on, and let's just say my life changed.

Podcasts then became a huge part of my life, and have had such a positive impact on my mental health in ways I never knew was possible. People would say to me for years, 'you need to listen to a podcast before bed', or 'get out for a walk and put a podcast on', but all the podcasts that we're being suggested just weren't vibing with me or what I felt I needed and like I said, I wasn't sure I wanted someone literally chewing my ear off.

Anyway, with my new podcast obsession, I started to explore more, It was at the time where I was trying to absorb as much information I could about business, and interior design, and I was confident there would be something worth my while on Spotify that I could get stuck into on my afternoon walks during lockdown. And oh boy was there. I couldn't BELIEVE how much free business advice, marketing advice, interior design advice was right there and I had never made use of it.

I instantly found my place in Spotify and it was amongst business and female empowerment podcasts. Before I knew it, I had playlists upon playlists of podcasts that I wanted to listen to. I had so many saved and it became a part of my daily life that kept me going through lockdown, keeping me motivated and inspired.

So, I wanted to kick off a little series, where each month I share with you a few podcasts I recommend for those of you who are in the same boat as me - needing all the business , mindset, and female empowerment support we can get! As I write this, i've fallen off the bandwagon recently, with the house move and transition back into PT office hours and WFH, and both mine and Georges 30th birthdays I've had very little me time, but, this i'm excited to get back into it and share all my recommendations with you.

I share the podcasts i'm loving in real-time on my Instagram stories, so if you can't wait for the blog round up, you can find me over there yapping away about my current favourites.

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