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What's been added to The Shop this month: Lighting

As many of you know, I'm in the process of renovating my second home and something that's been on my mind a lot lately is lighting. I'm in the middle of doing the electrical lighting plans for our living room which is Phase one of the renovation, and that means I've been having to think a lot about the type of finishes we'll be going with and the actual pieces we'd like to get. So, with that in mind, this months recent additions to the shop are all lighting pieces.

I absolutely LOVE shopping for lighting. I recommend investing in lighting where possible, because lighting makes such an impact on setting the tone in your home, and also setting the mood. Interior design isn't just about 'things', it's about creating a narrative and telling a story, and helping you to 'feel'. It's a complete experience, and getting your lighting just right is essential!

I want to share the things I'm enjoying in real-time, so these articles might differ from month to month, but I'd love to know what you'd like to see as I can always include more features! Do you prefer to see a mixture of things, or do you want to see more of the specific pieces for those doing a renovation? Or, would you prefer to see new things by type? I.e. lighting, soft furnishings, decor pieces etc?

Some of the links used below are affiliate links, but not all. Let me know if there are any pieces you like in particular!

I'm sure you can see from the pieces I've selected that I'm particularly into antique bronze finishes. I'm quite particular with this, as I like the colour to emit a really burnished, worn, feel. Don't be afraid to mix metals though! Mixing metals is totally acceptable and I encourage it! Let me know if you'd like some tips on how to mix metals in your home?

I imagine the first three pieces to be hung above the kitchen island. Depending on the size of your island, you could use two (of the same) to balance it out. Careful with number 2 though, if you're using multiple of these then make sure your island is big enough to carry the scale.

Another alternative for over island/peninsular lighting is number 4. I keep coming back to this one, and there's a similar one from Andrew Martin that I've also been admiring.

I'm hoping to eventually build out custom library style cabinetry in my office, and I'd love to incorporate some wall lights into the woodwork for that ultra luxury, heritage feel. These would be perfect to get that vibe.

Number 6 and number 7 are great options for rooms with lower ceilings. They perfectly marry traditional finishes with modern lines. I could imagine these as the central light in my office, or a bedroom.

What do you think about the pieces I've selected this month? If you're looking for more lighting options, take a look at all the lighting already in The Shop!

- Allie

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