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Shop this bedroom - edition one

Once you get started, bedrooms can be extremely fun to design and can have a huge impact on how you feel. Waking up every day in a room that helps you feel relaxed, and makes you happy is surely a great way to start every day., am I right? (She says, still with her own bedroom to design).

In this pre-designed bedroom post, i'm going to chat a little bit about the colour scheme, the furniture, the art work, lighting, plants, and finishes. I've also nestled in some of my tips, and a few lighting options too.

How to shop?

You can shop this post by hovering over the images, or shop all items at the end of the post. Where possible, i've used affiliate links - this costs nothing extra for you, but i'll receive a very small amount of commission which I can invest back into ASI. If something isn't linked in the photo, you can find a link to it in the shop section of this post.

The colour scheme

I absolutely love this design, because it's so simple, but is so carefully put together. The tongue and groove paneling in shade Blue Gray from Farrow and Ball really set the scene for this design. You could definitely go a little darker, with a shade like Pigeon, and paint both the skirting and cornicing too. To get that really luxurious 'weekend in the country' feel, be brave and paint the door too. Finish it off with an antique brass door knob - I love companies like the Suffolk Latch Company, From The Anvil, and Corston Architectural.

"Woodwork doesn't have to be white. In this scheme, try School House White' or 'Slipper Satin' to compliment the soft greens."

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The furniture

In this bedroom design, I was really going for a calming, relaxing, inspired by nature feel, something that you would hope to find in your weekend break in the Cotswolds. To emphasise that feeling, I chose natural wood tones in the bed and bedside drawers, which perfectly complement the wall colour. The four poster style brings cosiness, but the straight lines in the woodwork keep us on the modern-traditional style, whilst the rattan lattice front bedside tables soften the aesthetic.

The art work

Choosing art is something I really enjoy. It can be really fun and a way to inject personality into a room, making a design truly unique to you and your home, When a piece of art isn't the muse behind a design, I like that this gives you an opportunity to explore new art that compliments your design and in doing this, you can often end up extending your art collection and interests, and it leads you onto new inspirations.

Art is one of those things that can be very fun to experiment with. Art can be really expensive, but it can also be inexpensive too. Finding vintage art is one of my favourite pass-times and I absolutely love the variation of prints that you can find on Etsy. I love purchasing vintage downloadable prints, often no more than £5 - £6 and they're lovely to give as gifts too. This world of art is something I'd love to explore as part of ASI in the future, but for now it will remain something I enjoy browsing and designing into rooms.

In this design, I mixed up a few vintage Etsy prints (including digital downloads) with an extra large mount in light wooden frames, a smaller one for the bedside and a large piece from Charlie Mackesy. Don't be afraid to mix metals here - you could pop this in a black frame, or even in a brown frame.

A few of my current favourite Etsy finds:


Lighting can be really fun to experiment with and making one minor change can really alter the feel of a room. I wanted to show you what I mean by this, so I've pulled together this design with three different options; a scalloped shade, a jute basket shade, and a structured linen shade.

This design also features two wall lights either side of the bed. These wall lights from Hudson Home (coming soon) perfectly marry the modern-traditional vibe with it's slightly arched arm, and coned light. A little design detail here which I love is some of the ceiling lights I mention below, and the wall lights have a circular fixture. These small design moments are what helps make a design seamless, but in perfect harmony.

Insight: keep an eye out in your own designs for consistency in lines and shapes of fixtures, fittings and furnishings. Don't be afraid to mix straight lines and curves, but make sure there is a balance and a consistent theme to connect it all together.

The scalloped shade is, I'm sure, a controversial one. The design might be risky to some, but it complements the scheme perfectly, and the scalloped edge adds a little romantic interest whilst bringing a femininity and softness to the overall feel.

Whilst scalloped edged light shades aren't for everyone, I've also shown you how to achieve a more balanced strike between masculine and feminine with this jute basket shade.

Option 2 alternative: Bamboo shade

You could also rough it up a little bit more with this beautiful bamboo shade. I think this one could possibly be my favourite! I really love the handle detail on the top. If you were to switch out the art work to something along these lines it takes the vibe from romantic modern-country, to breezy coastal vibes.

This option is really simplistic, structured, and the lovely raffia texture on the light compliments the texture on the bedside tables. What I love about this, is whilst you've invested in the key pieces for your room, you can still have fun, switching things up when you fancy a change by changing the light shades, and affordable digital art.


To really tie in that outside-in vibe, choose a rustic terracotta and black pot, and pull in some greenery. I've gone for a faux miniature olive tree from ACASA London, and a little Rosemary plant in a jute basket from Hare and Wilde. A lavender, or rosemary plant will always look lovely and you can pick up some great faux ones if you want to avoid bugs and soil by your bed! Take a look at Neptune for some cute pots you can mix and match with.

The finishes

To bring the modern-traditional style into the finishes, i've chosen a cast iron black rad. I'd recommend having a search around online, there are often deals on, and you can customise them a lot too. Stick to the traditional finishes, heritage styles, antique brass valves to tie in with the door handle, light sockets, door latches and hinges etc.

I've also chosen this absolutely gorgeous ottoman upholstered in this striped fabric from one of my favourite online homeware shops, OKA.

The room itself can definitely benefit from mixing patterns and colours, because we've gone for a really neutral base. The stripes in the ottoman, and the vertical lines in the radiator compliment the floor to ceiling T&G paneling, whilst the plain white bedsheets are a perfect foundation for throwing on some pillows in muted tones, with subtle patterns. (Look at Coze Linen, Bedfolk, and M&S for the perfect sheets. This Waffle set is top of my list once our bedroom is redecorated).

This trio of cushions from Etsy are just made for this design. I've included some alternative cushion options from Etsy below, but you can't go wrong if you use these as a guideline.

Finish it off with a lovely deep throw (avoid patterns in this unless subtle) which is large enough to cover the bed, and if you have the space, pair it with this occasional chair that brings everything together. I chose this lovely soft herringbone throw from Hare and Wilde.



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